Friday, January 6, 2012




Private Collection: Truro, Nova Scotia

Yesterday, the New York Times published Recipes for Health: Turnips, which sent me scrambling to the fridge. There were two small turnips sitting in the bottom drawer since October, one was growing yellow sprouts. I peeled, chopped and then tossed the one without the sprouts into a soup pot, the other became a subject of fascination: the above still life. According to NYT article, you can eat turnip leaves (who knew?) and they taste like kale. I've never eaten turnip leaves before, have you? I plan on trying them next spring, or whenever I see them. The leaves are full of calcium, vitamins K, A and beta carotene. Worth trying. Just hope some turn up soon. ;)

Oddly, for the first week of January, this is turning into a hopeful gardener's week, first, harvested swiss chard, kale, rosemary and thyme (which went into a delicious omelet), then I learned that the book launch for The Year Round Vegetable Gardener is happening in a few weeks at Halifax Seed. Then Halifax Seed's catalogue arrived in the mail and now this new information about turnips. It's a wonderful start to a new year especially since I miss my garden so much in winter, the next best thing is just planning for the next season.

Click here for a Global Maritimes news story about winter gardening. Warms my heart. :)

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