Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The boat saga continues



This post is to try out some new software. This painting I have literally been working on it for years. Not everyday for years but it has been on and off my easel at least 20 times. Each time I pull it off the easel thinking that I'm not getting anywhere with it. Then, I'll pass it by and it'll catch the corner of my eye and I'll give it the old college try again. There is something I like about it and something that I feel is escaping me on it. In any event, it is taking another break and I'll probably attempt it again later.

The software I was trying out was an automatic software to upload new posts to this site from my phone, it makes it hard to know what the photo really looks like, in this instance, blurry. Might make it to another round, or I might just call it a dud and trash it. Stay tuned. ;)

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