Friday, November 4, 2011

True Patriot Love Helmet

William Hall, VC

Acrylic on Helmet

Tonight, the True Patriot Love Foundation, is holding a fundraising auction. They provided a hemet to paint. I am delighted to have painted William Hall, V.C. on this helmet.

A blue background represents William Hall, VC because when he was awarded his Victoria Cross, he displayed it proudly on his chest on a blue ribbon, to represent the Royal Navy. The front of the helmet is a small portrait of William Hall, with his signature above him. The right side represents his memorial in Hantsport, Nova Scotia, his hometown. The back of the helmet represents the Victoria Cross William Hall earned at Lucknow, India. The ship on the left hand side of the helmet represents HMS Shannon, which he served on during the Siege at Lucknow where he earned his Victoria Cross, Nova Scotia's first recipient of such an award.

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