Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I just won a trip to SAN FRANCISCO from the Nova Scotia Heart & Stroke Foundation!

Got a call this morning from Kris Allen, Communications Director with the Nova Scotia Heart and Stroke Foundation here in Halifax. "Good news," he said. "You've won our Walking trip to San Francisco from our Walkabout™ website."

Walkabout™ promotes walking in Nova Scotia and has helpful tips and ideas to get moving more on a daily basis. This is their second contest, (the first was a trip to New York City, oh yeah, entered that one too!). Like most people I know, I love to enter contests even though the prospect of winning always feels slim. It feels fantastic to have this trip to look forward to and I love the idea of it being a walking trip. I understand there are a lot of good walking tours in San Francisco. I've started to check out apps and travel guides as well as a short list of artists, galleries and attractions to see.

San Francisco will be a visual feast on foot. I'm looking forward to creating paintings from this trip. Will be exciting to see the cheerful houses on the steep city streets, Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Chinatown, Napa Valley (possible day trip) and more.

I hope there are some good historical tours of the city, one of my favourite tours here in Halifax is the Halifax Explosion walking tour the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in the late fall and early winter. It is a great way to learn more about where you are and be fit at the same time.

I have invited on old high school friend along with me on the trip. Shall be fun.

San Francisco's climate is interesting. Mary Lynn Cunningham of Maritime Travel advises that spring and fall might be good travel times based on our discussions this morning. With all this soggy wet weather we've been having, I'm ready to go now.

Thank you Nova Scotia Heart & Stroke Foundation. This is going to be fun (and fit)!!

ETA: Thank you to the Nova Scotia Egg Producers for sponsoring such a cool contest!

Heart & Stroke Walkabout is an initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection, and the Ecology Action Centre. Together, they aim to revitalize walking culture. "We aim to motivate Nova Scotians to discover the magic of walking and encourage them to consider both the physical and mental benefits of walking within their communities. It's about changing the way we think about walking - putting feet back on the streets and walking back in the hearts and minds of Nova Scotians."

Heart&Stroke Walkabout was launched in October 2007. A five-year initiative, the long term goal is to increase the number of Nova Scotians who walk 30 to 60 minutes, most days of the week, for health benefits or as a mode of active transportation. Since our first year, we have focused on supporting and celebrating current walkers in Nova Scotia, while building momentum for more participation. Other components launched in 2008-2009 include access to pedometers, a toolkit for advocacy and policy, a social marketing campaign, and a focus on supporting activity in workplaces and schools. Future priorities include more supports for Nova Scotia's communities to improve their "walk-ability".


  1. Congratulations Mary Ann! I hope you enjoy your trip and get to see all the sights on your "walking to do" list.

    Alanna Ryter
    Administrative Assistant Health Promotion
    Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia

  2. Thank you Alanna! I'm thrilled to be going.


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