Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sketchbook series begins

The metropolitan Museum of Art sketch book

I bought this sketchbook  in New York City a few years ago. I was studying portraiture with Wende Caporale about an hour north of Manhattan and had taken a train in to visit Beth Kurtz, a talented artist and ballerina friend, who has a lovely second floor studio and window display gallery that overlooks a busy city street lined with fabulous historic buildings.

I purchased this sketchbook, a pencil and a shawl at the gift shop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (The shawl, which was really just a big square scarf, came in handy because the train I took out of the city was air conditioned, in sharp contrast to the heatwave the city was experiencing on this day and I only had on a skimpy pink top).

Not sure I can really explain how I feel about New York City, perhaps I should just get one of those “I heart NYC” t-shirts. That would sum it up. But even a trip to the deli there is a blast. I think New Yorkers know how to live.

In any event, my sketchbooks serve as pleasant visual diaries and I thought I'd share a few pages from this particular sketchbook over the next week or so with you. Maybe more of my sketchbooks will debut here too.

Sometimes I make notes in them but mainly it is just to practice drawing or express an idea that I'm working with.

If you like looking at sketch book art, I recommend taking a gander over to Urban Sketchers. I've been following their daily blog via RSS for a while now. The work there is delightful and spontaneous and comes from all over the world. Enjoy!

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