Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fresh strawberry (from the garden today)

Fresh strawberry

Fresh strawberry
Painted from life (just before I ate it)
Watercolour in my sketchbook

This is a small watercolour painting of one of the 24-or-so strawberries I picked from my garden today. I've been growing a type of perpetual strawberry for about three years (Fragoo) and now have a couple of patches to pick from. Delicious!

Private Collection: Kanata, Ontario


  1. That looks good enough to eat! Simply lovely..


  2. Thank you Niki!

    The strawberries I have are a perpetual strawberry (Fragoo, I think is their name) and they're terrific! I started with three little plants I bought at the end of the season three years ago, planted in a planter and they over wintered. The have multiplied and now I have a couple of really good patches of them.

    And that strawberry was good to eat! I call them my OMG strawberries because when I go out in the garden in the morning, I can't resist popping a few in my mouth and then mutter, "Oh My God!"



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