Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Posthumus portrait of William Hall, VC (1827-1904)

William Hall, VC

William Hall is the type of man legends are made of. He grew up in Nova Scotia during the age of wooden sailing ships and received the Victoria Cross in 1857, a result of his brave actions when he and another crew member successfully breached the inner wall of a double-walled mosque during the siege at Lucknow.

"I remember that after each round we ran our gun forward, until at last my gun's crew were actually in danger of being hurt by splinters of brick and stone torn by the round shot from the walls we were bombarding." -- William Hall, VC

I painted this posthumus portrait of William Hall last year (2009) as a commission for Democracy 250. It currently hangs in the Nova Scotia Legislature between the Speaker's Office and the Joseph Howe Room on the main floor.

If you're visiting Nova Scotia this summer (or anytime of year) and if you have a chance, please go for a tour of our provincial legislature, there is much to discover here.

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