Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nova Scotia Highway No. 1



Private Collection: Halifax, Nova Scotia


  1. Boy are you good at what I call 'painting nothing'! Nothing is the sense that there is no 'subject' in the way people think of subjects; the subject (to me) is the atmosphere, the open air and the open road, and one building (barn?-it doesn't matter what it is) to give it scale. I wish you'd given it a location title, because I live in that area and would like to see what I see where you were...I'm sure it wouldn't be as much as you've shown me!

  2. Thank you, Helen! If you live in the area then you know how gorgeous it is on any given Sunday.
    You can check out my interactive map for a better idea of the location for this painting: http://maryann.ca/ma/some-of-my-landscape-painting-locations/


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